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Case Studies

At Olam Films, we don't just produce videos; we work with your team to identify media assets that fit into your organization's communications strategy.

These case studies illustrate how our work has led to transformation within organizations and across the region.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife


Telling the story of co-management in restoring an important river system with the Indigenous Peoples of the region. How we crafted a complex communications message for diverse stakeholders.

Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance

First Nations NGO

How a video campaign helped to protect BC's Coast for future generations. 

BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy


How we helped the Province tell the story of the largest disaster response project in the history of Canada.



How we helped an environmental tech startup raise the capital to bring their vision to the world.

Coast Restoration Society

Non Profit

How we helped a volunteer cleanup crew transform into one of BC's largest ENGOs.

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